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What is it?

This application is for Mac runner's, cyclists and hikers with a Garmin Forerunner 201 or 305. It downloads data about routes and lap times via a USB serial port and maps the route together with stats on distance, speed and elevation. IB Runners's Log aims to allow Mac users to do the things that Garmin's Training Centre software allows Windows users to do.

Currently the Forerunner 201 (serial) and 305 (USB) are supported although other Garmin Devices probably also work but have not been tested, if in doubt download a demo and give it a try.



Built for Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5 (PPC and Intel).
Requires a built-in serial port or an external USB serial port for the Garmin Forerunner 201.


Costs £21 (UKP). Demo version available (expires 60 days after install).



To obtain a demo licence, download and run the application, then from the About->Licence panel clck the "Get Demo Licence" button.


Version 1.6.12 Released 1 November 2009.

Universal Binary.

Download Disk Image (3.7 MB) (version 1.6.12) Includes the Manual.
Download Manual (PDF) (3.1 MB).


What features would you like to see added to this product? Send us feedback.

What stats do you like to keep? One of the areas we would like to improve is stats and graphs, so how would you like your stats?

We will also be adding a facility to compare multiple runs over the same or similar course.

An update will be available by the end of March/April 2009 with more features... check back soon.

Quick preview of the next release


See the Support Page.

Map your events:

Visualise your run with a map, see where you went.

See my 2006 London Marathon Route.

Google Earth:

Export and visualise your run with Google Earth in 3D.

Download my 2006 London Marathon Route in Google Earth (KML file).

Organise your events:

Get organised, see when you ran.

View Pace/Elevation:

View pace and elevation data in chart form, see where you were quick or slow.


View stats for an individual run, month or year.

Graphing Stats:

View stats graphs (more included).

Historical Stats (new) .