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As of version 10.0.36 there are no longer any known issues.

An issue where the application could regularly crash on launch that has been fixed in the current release.

Tested on a Gramin Forerunner 305 (USB) and a Gramin Forerunner 201 (Serial).

We have had reports that USB devices sometimes don't download data properly if Runner's Log is running when the device is plugged in. It appears that it always works reliably if you plug the device in then run the application. If the transfer is interrupted it may be necessary to unplug the device and plug it in again while the application is not running. We are currently investigating this.

Please let us know if you have any issues with the current release or if there are features that you need, we are committed to making this the best solution.


At present the application has no localisation support, this should be resolved shortly.


The demo version times out sixty days after install.

Universal Binary:

The package has been compiled to run as a "Universal Binary". Please report any problems.


Runs on Mac X OS 10.4/10.5. Intel/PPC